With many excellent UI libraries available, why and when should you use Design Blocks to create dynamic and accessible interfaces in React Native?

Design Blocks focuses on the developer experience and offers a low learning curve, aiming for a zero learning curve, which is essential in any framework or library.

It's important to understand that this library is not a user interface kit. It provides low-level functionality for developers who want complete control over styling in their projects. Consider that you can also create your own design system using this library.

Our goal is to maintain simplicity in the library's configuration, allowing you to launch your application into production as quickly as possible and focus solely on your product.

We seek to create a more adaptive and developer-friendly solution. By combining experience in React Native with community insights, a set of tools was created that not only meets the demands of modern app development but also encourages creativity and innovation in user interface design.

When to Use Design Blocks?

If you're looking for a solution that allows you to focus on your product without spending too much time configuring your project, Design Blocks is the ideal choice for you and your team. We embrace the philosophy that theme setup and accessible components should be intuitive and easy to learn. Our goal is to make creating with blocks fun and developer-friendly.