Provides basic components and functions for custom UI creation. Includes elements like Box, Stack, and Text, essential for UI construction.

Primitives is a component library focused on enhancing the developer's experience to create user interfaces quickly and easily.

To get started with Primitives, you can install the package using your preferred package manager. Follow these steps:

pnpm add @design-blocks/primitives@beta


The @design-blocks/primitives package includes the following components:

import { Box, Stack, XStack, YStack, Text } from "@design-blocks/primitives";
const App = () => (
      <Text>Design Blocks 01</Text>
      <Text>Design Blocks 02</Text>
      <Text>Design Blocks 03</Text>
      <Text>Design Blocks 04</Text>
      <Text>Design Blocks 05</Text>
      <Text>Design Blocks 06</Text>